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The premier quality Cabinet Maker and Millwork Company in Skagit County.

Michael Laue's Country Cabinets and Millworks, Inc is a full-service custom woodworking shop located in the Skagit Valley area of Washington state.


Quality is Everything.

The finest craftsmanship means a sharp eye for detail.  Quality isn't just a concept, it's an experience.  
We can see, feel, and touch something and get an idea of it's value.  Details are as much a part of the concept of quality as it is the durability of the items themselves.
Everything is built with this in mind.


About the Craftsman...

Michael Laue discovered a fondness for woodworking at an early age - from his Grandfather.  

As a little boy, Michael learned by watching his grandfather and in time, established a passion for something once known only as a hobby.

By the time he finished his service in the United States Military, he was twenty-eight years old and knew that this hobby may have bitten him a little harder than the average fan.

Over the years, Michael continued to practice his skills and by the time he moved to the Skagit Valley in 1993, he knew he had found his calling.

Michael went into business full time in an area full of people who shared as much love for the natural resources of the area as did he.

Today, he can be found working in his 3,000+ square foot workshop.

Enter a world of clean cut wood, sawdust, tools, miter saws, planes, a shop cat, and stains, and you'll find a man as dedicated to the quality of your project as if it were for his own family.


We are all things wood.



Custom Made Pieces.

Custom Made Items
Michael Laue Skagit County Country Cabinets and Millwork Finishing Refinishing Stain

A Perfect Finish.


A beautiful project deserves the perfect finish.


We're happy to work with you to create a look that works for your custom wood project.  Over twenty years of experience goes into creating a look that you'll love while protecting your new furnishings.

We'll start by staining a wood sample that will assist you in choosing paints, tile, and other finished items - to complement or establish the look you're seeking.

And we'll finish by paying careful attention to detail as we stain your project to a perfect, consistent finish.


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